Nira Roberts


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WA Artist Nira RobertsNira was born in Melbourne and has lived in Perth since 1974. Inspired by the work of local Pastel artists she joined the Pastel Society of WA in 1999 where her first exhibited work gained an Encouragement Award. Since then her paintings have continued to attract commendations and prizes. Nira is also a member of Wanneroo Art Society and Trigg Art Club.

Brief excursions into the world of Acrylics at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst NSW provided unexpected surprises and added to the freedom of using Pastels, to which she always returns, whilst still exploring other mediums.

“Never one to set aside time to properly photograph my work, above you will find a limited selection for your interest, painted since the year 2000 and in no particular order. No two paintings are ever the same. The finished piece usually turns out quite different to the original intention. There is never any hesitation in trying new colours or ideas on the spur of the moment which might add to each painting. “And that’s how I like it – never quite knowing where the journey will lead ….”
The aspects of colour, energy and movement are my inspiration.



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