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Gilly HuberBorn in London, England, I emigrated to Western Australia when in my early twenties. I now live at The Vines in Swan Valley, a beautiful and inspirational location.

I have drawn and sketched since I was a little girl, but it was only when I was able to retire from the workforce that I found time to concentrate wholly on my passion for creating art. Nowadays, there is a wealth of art books, magazines and DVDs from which I learn and I feel that I have absorbed from the greatest of the Old Masters as well as the contemporary talents of today. I also attend as many demonstrations as I can, in all mediums, as I feel there is always something that can be learned, even if that medium is not the one in which I work myself. I belong to several art groups where many professional local artists generously give their time and expertise.

I love to work in pastels – I love the vibrancy and immediacy of the colours and the very forgiving nature of the medium and I find it ideal for portraits (both animal and human) where a likeness is essential. I also enjoy watercolour which I love for it’s glowing transparency, the delights of pigments blending and melding, and the subtlety of shadow and light that can be achieved. I don’t work in a “traditional” manner of watercolour with loose, splashy washes – instead I use many glazes to achieve the depth of colour I want and I find it perfect for the very detailed work that I so enjoy painting.

Most recently I have ventured into oil painting. The richness of colour is exciting and I love the ease of blending and the glow that emerges from within the painting.

My paintings have sold through many exhibitions and also been purchased by various private buyers. I paint frequent commissions, which I also enjoy, and I also have paintings in private homes in Melbourne, England, and the United States of America. I have even won a few awards.



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